How to organize remote work

The Gearheart team has been working remotely for over eight years, and we are distributed across six countries in different time zones. This format gives us the opportunity to independently customize schedules and choose convenient workplaces. We travel freely, devote a lot of time to training and hobbies, attract professionals from all over the world, and earn interesting international projects. And this is just a short list of advantages that remote work offers with well-established processes.

Transparency and awareness

These are two basic principles inherent in effective remote work.

Remote work aspects

Here we have gathered tips that will help organize remote work, increase personal effectiveness, and create a psychologically healthy climate in the team. All of them are grouped in separate areas, which we will describe in detail. If you decide to implement the remote format in your team, share this information with all its participants; understanding and involving each colleague in the essence and processes of remote work is very important. Next, we will explain in more detail why this is so important and also share our principles and examples.

How to strike a balance between work and personal life. What you need to consider when choosing and creating a workplace.

The principles of virtual communication and video meetings. How to use the calendar and organize calls and correspondence in order to interact effectively.

Planning, setting, and completing tasks. How to describe correctly and where it is better to store tasks.

Who creates the documents and why. Organization of a knowledge base and rules for storing documentation.

How we use the time tracking software.

Overview of software and applications that help in daily work.

How to build relationships with clients and manage projects.

Values as guidelines in work. Why create and how to maintain a team culture.

What is important to consider when hiring remote employees and how to organize the process of their adaptation to the team.

Laws and regulations in the legal support of the remote company.

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